• 3 professeurs permanents


  • Initiation level course (first semester)

381-100-VA – The Human Experience: An Introduction to Anthropology

  •  Analysis level courses (second and third semesters)

381-HSA-03 – Human Evolution

381-201-VA – The Adventure of Archeology

381-HTC-03 – Race and Racism

381-203-VA – Anthropology of the Supernatural

381-204-VA – Culture and Sexuality

381-205-VA – Native peoples of the Americas

381-206-VA – The Anthropology of Sport, Games and Leisure

  •  Application level courses (third semester)

381-300-VA – Community Studies

381-301-VA – Cultures of Non-Conformity

  •  Enrichment level course (fourth semester)

381-400-VA – Current Issues in Anthropology


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